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Lens distortion correction for Final Cut Pro

Recently I bought myself a Redeye 0.65x wide angle adaptor for my camera. I'm not going to be investing heavily in glass for my EX3 because I'm waiting to see what is around the corner. This is not a good time to be investing in video cameras, especially with Sony having announced a S35 chip sized camcorder to be released next year. If the camera has the low light capabilities of the current crop of DSLRs and has HDMI out for devices such as the Nano Flash it will be a force to be reckoned with.

So instead of getting Sony's heavy wide angle zoom through adaptor I figured I would get a non zoom through piece from Red Eye. I've heard nothing but good things about them, and I only need it for extreme wides. Now, I realise there will be chroma abberation, but the main problem is distortion. I thought that it would be simple to correct this in FCP, or failing that Motion. Unfortunately I was wrong, and even a comprehensive search of the internet seemed to suggest that nobody had made a decent correction filter!

However, after tearing my hair out for a long while I stumbled across NewBlue FX. I was aware of the company from my days of using Sony Vegas Pro. It turned out that they have a package called Video Essentials II, which contains an absolutely superb lens distortion correction filter. At the moment the package is on special offer at $74 (£54), so grab it while you can!

I'm stunned that nobody on any forum anywhere has mentioned this, since it appears there are a lot of people who would like such a filter in FCP. The best thing about this filter is that it can correct the distortion with an absolute minimum loss of the wide angle provided by the adaptor. Something that many other filters, Photoshop included, fail to do well.

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